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Frequently asked questions

What is a VCC?

VCC stands for Virtual credit card.These can be used to activate Amazon ,Ebay and paypal accounts in the case you may not have access to a physical card.

Can I reload the VCC after purchase?

Unfortunately these vcc are not reloadable ,however you will be able to choose the initial balance at purchase.You will have to send us the difference and we will load your card with that balance.

How long will these VCC Last?

Each vcc comes with a 4-5 year expiration time span.

Do all of your Vcc work?

Yes all of are VCC have been tested and used by us for years.However not all VCC are the same.You can not use a paypal vcc to activate amazon accounts.It will not work.Only purchase the VCC that corespond to which account you are activating. AuctionSentinel