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Amazon Stealth Accounts made the Legal way!

Why keep all eggs in one basket? Auction Sentinel can make you Unlimited Amazon stealth accounts using your own information without linking.​​

Suspended on Amazon?
 Seller Account Setup Service


How It Works
Verifed Amazon Account
Buy ebay seller account
Buy amazon account
Buy Ebay Account

Simply Book a call with a Sentinel agent and tell us your interest. We will thoroughly break down how the service works.

Let us know the package you want to purchase. Provide us the details you want to use We will start right away.

Sit back and let us do our thing. We will update you consistently as the Account setup process continues. Soon as we are done we will contact you to set up a delivery appointment.

Now we are ready deliver your account.You will receive a full walk through of how to get started on your stealth account!

Once account is delivered you are allowed to get your store selling.Let the $$$ roll in!


Amazon & Ebay Seller Feedback

Safety Guaranteed
As low as $7/feedback
Customize Drip Rate
Improve selling metrics
Become more competitive
No need to beg buyers for Feedback
Valid Purchases in the USA
 Amazon & Ebay Accounts (Managed Payments)


Purchase our Seller Account Services for both Amazon and Ebay, and start selling again very quickly.

Auction Sentinel makes it as easy as possible to sell again. Even if you have been suspended before on either platform, we can help you sell again.

Sentinel Assassins 
Amazon Dropshipping: Product Research Services


All False Gurus Fear Us!
Gain Access to the #1 Team of Amazon Drop Shipping Product Researchers in the world! Putting down 1 fake Guru at a time.


Do you want to be more of a hands on Amazon seller but don't have the time or experience for product research? Our team will build you a unique Amazon drop shipping  store of profitable winning products. Hire the Sentinel Assassins to do the dirty work while you run your empire.

Amazon Dropshipping 
Learn from a Sentinel not a Guru!
1 on 1 Consultation & Coaching Programs

Here is the truth, If you want to sell and really profit in E-com you need a coach who has been in the game for a while and not just a glorified Instagram or YouTube personality who flashes luxury cars. Most of those cars are rented and their E-com information is not real. A lot of E-com Gurus give you just enough to have some profit ,but its not enough to where you would never need them again. My name is Trey King ,im have 15 years of E-com expertise and my services are designed to teach you the whole Shabangabang! Don't settle for the fake guru's.

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Automation Sentinel
Key to Zion

Automate your Amazon Store by joining the Key to Zion. Amazon Automation on Steroids! Allow us to take over and help build your dream of owning a $100k + per month Amazon store. Earn up to 4x more than any Amazon Automation service!

  • Product Research, Daily Listing; 

  • Inventory Management;

  • Order Processing;

  • Order Tracking & Returns;

  • Customer Service ;

  • Repricing, A-Z Claims, Charge backs, Return Request; 

  • Stealth Accounts, Suspension, Appeals; and

  • 100 Account Feedbacks.

Amazon Appeal Letters
Need Help With your Amazon Supension?

Allow Auction Sentinel to write a Professional Appeal  for your Amazon suspension.Our experts have 15+ Years experience in writing appeals and general communication with Amazon while operating our personal stores.We have all dealt with the same issues and know exactly what Amazon needs to hear to Reinstate your Account ASAP!

Original Appeals specific to your Situation
Intellectual property Appeals
Counterfeit & Inauthentic Item Appeals
Order Defect Rate & Late shipment Appeals
ASIN Misuse Appeals
Review Manipulation & Other Suspensions
Brand New Account if  No Reinstatement
Glass Buildings

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