Suspended on Amazon?


Seller Account Setup Service


How It Works

Simply message our support and tell us your interest.

Let us know the package you want to purchase.We will start right away.

Sit back and let us do our thing.Soon as we are done we will contact you to set up a delivery appointment.

Now we are ready deliver your account.You will receive a full walk through of how to get started on your stealth account!

Once account is delivered you are allowed to get your store selling.Let the $$$ roll in!


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Amazon & Ebay Seller Feedback


Customers rely heavily on Seller Feedback when choosing which merchant to purchase from. Having anything other than a perfect rating could be hurting your sales.

Safety Guaranteed
As low as $4/feedback
Customize Drip Rate
Improve selling metrics
Become more competitive
No need to beg buyers for Feedback
Valid Purchases in the USA
Verified Amazon & Ebay accounts


Purchase our verified seller accounts, which include Seller Feedback and our 1-Year Warranty, and start selling very quickly.

We take care of the technical setup and software, and make it as easy as possible to sell on Amazon again. Even if you have been suspended before on Amazon, we can help you sell again.

Amazon Appeals
Need Help With your Amazon Supension?

Allow Auction Sentinel to write a Professional Appeal  for your Amazon suspension.Our experts have 15+ Years experience in writing appeals and general communication with Amazon while operating our personal stores.We have all dealt with the same issues and know exactly what Amazon needs to hear to Reinstate your Account ASAP!

Original Appeals specific to your Situation
Intellectual property Appeals
Counterfeit & Inauthentic Item Appeals
Order Defect Rate & Late shipment Appeals
ASIN Misuse Appeals
Review Manipulation & Other Suspensions
Brand New Account if  No Reinstatement
Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.


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