"Our Amazon Accounts will have you selling again in no time the"Legit"way! "

Why buy an Amazon Account from Auction Sentinel?

The team members that operate Auction Sentinel have been running these services for 15 years. We were literally one of the pioneers of the stealth account market  in the good days when amazon and ebay were much simpler to do business on. We all remember those good ol' days before Amazon became so strict.

Auction Sentinel is known as the most knowledgeable service online for Stealth Accounts on both Amazon and Ebay. Every single system update and new policy Amazon Seller central  has ever launched over the last 15 years Sentinel has been the first to find the solutions so that sellers could stay in business. Especially with amazons ridiculous Seller sign up requirements you're seeing now. Auction Sentinel still provides guaranteed working solutions to set up new accounts after permeant suspensions or if you're just looking to expand. It does not matter what Amazon throws at us ,Sentinel will always have solutions for your store.

What does buy stealth accounts the "Legit Way" mean?

Since 2017 Amazon has added more verification requirements to launch new seller accounts. They require government documentation, proof of address, Social Security numbers if you're a US resident. There is no way to get around having to provide those documents. Nobody is questioning amazon stealth account farmers online when they sell you a account already pre verified. The questions you should be asking is where/who did the information used come from. There are a lot of stealth account sellers using stolen information to pass through the Amazon verification ,then they sell them too you for thousands. Even if you were to change the information after purchase, Amazon still has all of the verified documents that were used in their system. Most of these stealth account sellers are from unknown countries where it wouldn't effect them if caught. But guess who it does effect if caught? It effects you the buyer. You are the one who has to add a bank account to these accounts. Identity theft mixed with money motives is a felony. Why take the risk if there's a more legit way of creating a stealth account?

So how does Auction Sentinel create stealth accounts differently?

We allow you the client to choose the information needed to make the account .It does not matter if some of the information you have is already used on a prior account. We have work arounds for that which work flawlessly so amazon can not link you. We understand that our system may take a few days additional than the instant account suppliers. However ,you will be able to sleep at night knowing your multi million dollar amazon account isn't running on some unknown identity. Sentinel is looking out for those who have concerns on these issues.

Frequently asked questions

Will the accounts be verified?

We guarentee all Amazon Accounts to pass verification under all packages offered or Full Refund.

What if my account gets suspended,do I get a refund?

Refunds depend on the cause of suspension,meaning any suspensions that fail for being linked or related to another account we will fully cover through a replacement account or a full refund.However we are not here to baby sit the activity on your account ,so all suspensions related to personal /poor selling choices, including listing unauthorized items we do not cover you for.When we sell accounts to clients we fully expect them to take responsibility for learning the amazon marketplace which includes the do's and dont's of their personal selling selections.Auction Sentinel is not responsible for teaching how to run your Amazon Store.

Do I have to register a Brand New Company for the Tax interveiw?

No you do not.Auction Sentinel has a work around to the Tax Interview in which we verify it without giving amazon any personal tax information.
Please talk to a Livechat Agent for more information.

How many accounts can I have at once?

You can setup as many shops as you want.As a part of our service we will teach you how to opperate as many stores as you would like.

How long does it take to recieve my Amazon account after puchase?

It will take 3-5 days in most cases from the order date to deliver the fully Verified account.

Will prices change?

Auction Sentinel reserves all legal rights to adjust packages and prices at anytime. You are not guarenteed to get the same prices.Alothough we do not change packages often,its important you you purchase while the deals are availible.

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