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Frequently asked questions

How do I use Zelle?

Zelle is a Instant money transfering service used by most large banks in america.This means if you have Bank of America,Citizens bank,Wells Fargo,Chase,and many other banks the option for Zelle will be in your online banking account under transfer.If you can not find it call your bank and ask if they support this option.Its also good to know that zelle has no fees. To send payments to Zelle you would only need the recipients Name and Email address which you can find ours asking our support team.

How to use Moneygram?

The best way to use Moneygram is by doing in person transaction at one of their local branches.Moneygram is known for cancelling alot of transactions done online,this option is best for clients outside the usa.If you choose to use Moneygram contact us for the proper reciever information first.

How to send BTC?

Yes we do accept Cryptocurrency! If you are not signed up for Bitcoin you will need to start by signing up for a wallet and cryptocurrency trade center where you can purchase bitcoin in exchange for real money. The best known trading websites are : or If you choose to purchase through this method contact us for the current Address and BTC Value.

Can I use paypal or credit card?

AuctionSentinel does not accept paypal or credit card. AuctionSentinel