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Amazon Enhanced
Ideal for Small Stores
20 Verified Feedback
(2 Stores Max)
100% Safety Guaranteed
Estimated Delivery (5-6 Days)
Tax Deductible Purchase
$ 350
Amazon Basic
Great for a Small Boost
10 Verified Feedback
(1 Store Max)
100% Safety Guaranteed
Estimated Delivery (5-6 Days)
Tax Deductible Purchase
$ 200
Amazon Pro
Perfect for Businesses
50 Verified Feedback
(4 Stores Max)
100% Safety Guaranteed
Estimated Delivery (5-6 Days)
Tax Deductible Purchase
$ 500
Amazon Enterprise
100 Verified Feedback
(6 Stores Max)
100% Safety Guaranteed
Estimated Delivery (5-6 Days)
Tax Deductible Purchase
$ 700

How in the world are you going to get 100-150 positive feedback in your amazon stores when only 1 out of every 10 buyers will leave it? Well that's why the Sentinel Brand exists. We been doing these services for the last 15 years ,usually for the larger seller exclusively. However Sentinel believes its about time the smaller/newer seller takes advantage of these services as well so you can stand a chance in the amazon/ebay market against your more experienced competitors. We literally service thousands of Amazon sellers for this service alone this includes a whopping 70 percent of all the Automation Companies online. Sentinel is well known for being the most experienced and safest service in this field. We guarantee that you will only experience positive results.

Why purchase Amazon Feedback?

Why would you want to go through the hassle of begging your customers to leave positive feedback for your Amazon Store? Amazon/ebay shoppers rarely leave feedback, except for situations when they are displeased. It is stated that 1 buyer out of every 10 sales will actually leave you a feedback willingly and that doesn't mean it will be a good feedback.

Did you know that most issues related to selling on amazon is due to not receiving enough feedback regularly? A prime example most sellers can relate too is the infamous Invoice suspension. Are you a drop shipper who can not for the love of god stop your accounts from being suspended due to invoice request? Well here's the real solution. Amazon does not hassle sellers for those once your past a certain feedback rating on your account. A lot of people are assuming the only way to do drop shipping in 2020 is by purchasing aged accounts. NOPE! The truth is you only need a 3-4 month old account with at least 100-150 feedback. After you past this threshold amazon will not suspend you for invoice request. At that point if you are required to prove authenticity for a specific asin Amazon will only suspend the singular asin Not the whole account.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the feedback service work?

Our feedback service is straight forward,you are simply listing a product on Amazon or ebay
and we are safely making the purchases from our personal accounts.After a few days
we will slowly drip the feedback onto your account until the project is complete.
For more information on how to purchase and how to handle tracking information,
please contact a customer service agent on our live chat mon-fri 11 pm to 8pm.

How many feedback can I purchase?

There is no limit to how many feedback you can purchase for your account.

Will Amazon flag my account for using this service?

No,we have been opperating the Feedback service for 10+ years safely for
hundreds of different Amazon stores and never had any issue with an account recieving
notifications of any kind.

I opperate many amazon stores, can I split the amazon feedback?

Yes you can split feedback packages into multiple stores. However we only allow specific ammounts of stores per each package.

Is the a expiration date for this service?

All packages are designed to be completed with in under 2 months Max. We allow clients to stretch all packages up to 5 months if you want to space out your feedback. If you go absent after making a purchasing and it exceeds the 5 month limit then we will mark the account as complete with no refund.

Do you service other Automation Companies?

Yes we service many. However, Sentinel Solutions has a 0 tolerance policy for white labelling of our services. This is specific to Automation Companies coming to utilze our services. The primary owner of the Amazon account must represent themselves when inquiring or coming to utilize all of our services. This is non-negotiable. Auction Sentinel has the right to terminate business transactions or refuse anyone at anytime for suspicion of breaking this policy.If you would like to become an affiliate please visit AuctionSentinel