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Frequently asked questions

How does the feedback service work?

Our feedback service is straight forward,you are simply listing a product on Ebay
and we are safely making the purchases from our personal buyer accounts.After a few days
we will slowly drip the feedback onto your account until the project is complete.
For more information on how to purchase and how to handle tracking information,
please contact a customer service agent on our live chat mon-fri 11 pm to 8pm.

How many feedback can I purchase?

There is no limit to how many feedback you can purchase for your account.

Will Ebay flag my account for using this service?

No,we have been opperating the Ebay Feedback service for 4+ years safely for
hundreds of different stores and never had any issue with an account recieving
notifications of any kind.

I opperate many Ebay stores, can I split the amazon feedback?

Yes you can split feedback packages into multiple stores. However we only allow 3 stores max per package.

Is the a expiration date for this service?

All packages are designed to be completed with in under 2 months Max. We allow clients to stretch all packages up to 5 months if you want to space out your feedback. If you go absent after making a purchasing and it exceeds the 5 month limit then we will mark the account as complete with no refund.

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