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Click the file below to Download the Auction Sentinel 2021 Guide for managing Ebay seller accounts , Its Free! 

How to Purchase an Ebay Seller Account?
Just message us! We are on Live chat Mon to Fri 11 am -8 pm Eastern time everyday. We are not bots ,we are real people located out of Boston Ma, USA. If you would like to buy Ebay seller account packages or have questions regarding the purchase then we will gladly respond back in real time.

What payment methods?
Western Union


Why buy an Ebay seller account from Automation Sentinel?

All of our Ebay seller accounts were aged 90 days and have one item prelisted. Why is this important? Ebay does not allow most brand new accounts to just start listing right away. Ebay likes to see accounts build activity on their platform before listing and selling. A lot of people know this as the MC999 suspension. Accounts that are aged at 90 days plus and 1 pre listing greatly reduce the chance of your Ebay account getting suspended for the MC999. Also our Ebay accounts have been loaded with daily cookies for 90 days building up normal activity. This is something Ebay takes very seriously. The short explanation is that our accounts are safer for you to start selling from!

Is it legal to buy/sell Pre made Ebay stores?

There are no laws put in place by Government which restricts Third party online store owners from selling or giving away their shops. Ebay does state that it requires permission to trade accounts, however this is a setup service. Ebay does not have issues with the ownership of multiple seller accounts as long as they are being utilize within the community standards as stated in their policy on the link below:

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