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Yes we do have a solution for managed payments!

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How to Purchase an Ebay Seller Account?
Just message us! We are on Live chat Mon to Fri 11 am -8 pm Eastern time everyday. We are not bots ,we are real people located out of Boston Ma, USA. If you would like to buy Ebay seller account packages or have questions regarding the purchase then we will gladly respond back in real time.

What payment methods?
Western Union


Why buy an Ebay seller account from Automation Sentinel?

All of our Ebay seller accounts were aged 90 days and have one item prelisted. Why is this important? Ebay does not allow most brand new accounts to just start listing right away. Ebay likes to see accounts build activity on their platform before listing and selling. A lot of people know this as the MC999 suspension. Accounts that are aged at 90 days plus and 1 pre listing greatly reduce the chance of your Ebay account getting suspended for the MC999. Also our Ebay accounts have been loaded with daily cookies for 90 days building up normal activity. This is something Ebay takes very seriously. The short explanation is that our accounts are safer for you to start selling from!

Is it legal to buy/sell Pre made Ebay stores?

There are no laws put in place by Government which restrict Third party online store owners from selling or giving away their shops. All shops sold by Auction Sentinel were originally owned and created by Auction Sentinel. Ebay does state that it requires permission to trade accounts however this is a in house rule and not demanded by law. Ebay does not have issues with the ownership of multiple seller accounts as long as they are being utilize within the community standards as stated in their policy on the link below:

Marble Surface

Frequently asked questions

Whats Included with the purchase?

All of our packages include an eBay & PayPal & Gmail account (All login details, VCC information) along with our ‘Quick Start Guide’.

Can I start selling 1000 items today?

While you may have purchased an account with 1000 item monthly limit, it’s not possible to sell to these limits within the first 90-days. The first 90-days is a probationary period for eBay and PayPal where if you sell high risk items, list too many items from the start or do anything fishy, your account will be manually reviewed and possibly limited. Instead you will want to start with low risk items (clothing, books, and toys work very well) and build up listings weekly. We recommend low-risk, auction style for as long as possible (NO​ ​ITEMS​ ​WITH​ ​MULTIPLE​ ​QUANTITIES​). Gradually mix in higher-risk items and work your way up to regular selling. The goal is to survive past 90 days.

Do the Paypal accounts have 21 day holds?

Yes, all new PayPal accounts have 21-day holds. We do not offer any packages without 21-day holds. If an item is marked as dispatched then holds will drop to 5-6 days. Holds will drop off naturally after 90-days of normal account usage.

Do the accounts come with any guarentee?

We guarantee that your account is in Perfect condition when delivered to you or we will replace your account. We do not offer refunds, but we do stand behind our product quality and will replace or mitigate any MC999 suspension within 30-days of your purchase. It is absolutely crucial to follow our quick-start guide when working with your account in order to protect your account. If your account is suspended due to your actions, we will still offer support but we cannot offer guarantees if you did not follow our instructions and were suspended as a result. We will not replace accounts that go down due to selling high-risk or counterfeit items.

Do you sell paypal accounts alone?

Sorry, we do not offer PayPal only packages. All our packages come with a matching eBay account.

How soon is delivery?

All accounts are delivered within 12 hours or less after confirmation of payment is made.

How do I withdraw my funds?

There are a couple of ways to withdraw funds from your account, the best method is to simply attach a bank account that has not been associated with another PayPal account, for withdraws. Any bank account that has not been associated with another PayPal account is fine (Payoneer will not work). PayPal US will ONLY accept a US bank account and PayPal UK will ONLY accept a UK bank account.
Other solutions include:
PayPal to PayPal Transfer: We do NOT recommend transferring funds between PayPal accounts unless you know what you’re doing. Transferring funds from one PayPal account to another will eventually link all accounts together and cause your accounts to become limited. Do this at your own risk. Purchasing Bitcoin: Customer who do not have access to a local bank account (US or UK), you're able to exchange your PayPal funds for Bitcoin using services such as LocalBitcoins.com, Virwox.com or other similar services. We do not offer support for this method of withdrawing funds. Spending your PayPal Balance: Use your PayPal funds for other products and service. This is perfectly fine. Note: You should not purchase an account unless you have your own method for withdrawing funds. We are not responsible if you are unable to withdraw funds from your PayPal account.

Have we figured out a solution for Ebays Managed Payments?

We are proud to say YES! We were sucessful in finding a work around to deal with this sucessfully. However this option does not come up for every account. When/IF does just message us and well update it for you. Before you ask ,No we will not go through every account we have to find you one with it already triggered. You take the accounts that you are given. We will only add on your managed payments bank account once for free.We will only do it for accounts sold by us.Any request to update the bank account later will be charged $100.

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