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The Tool All False Gurus Fear


The # 1 Amazon Drop shipping software on the 

planet. Learn to easily compete against the Elites and Fake E-com prophets of the internet.


What is Amz Snagger?


AMZ Snagger is the ultimate tool for Amazon Drop shippers. Our team likes to call it the "Guru Assassinator". Why? We all get advertisements from those online guys claiming to have the best system for generating "Passive Wealth "with amazon retail arbitrage. Sentinel is just as annoyed of those individuals as you. Our tool gets rid of the necessity of so called gurus and puts the power in your hands to do exactly what they do while spending less time on product research or sourcing dropship suppliers. The tool can scrape every product on the Amazon Platform in just over 8 minutes providing you with the cleanest product to list on amazon and begin selling.

What are "Clean Products"?

In order to be successful at drop shipping on amazon you need to have a system in place for product sourcing .This is the most important detail and  something that the false guru's will never tell you. You have to source products that have the least risk of suspension but also give you solid margins, this is what is known as a "Clean Product". Most false guru's online out source this tedious work. Because the only way to do it is by manually searching through results and comparing product details. This process can take months and maybe years to find all of the right products that can be drop shipped without putting your account at risk.



How does Amz Snagger help?

Amz Snagger allows you to set your own search filters and finds clean products for you in minutes also matching it to top suppliers on google search results. We have even took it a step further by giving you a 1 click option that can list product results from the tool directly to your Amazon Store. Our tool keeps up with Amazons product data base in real time ,even when amazon updates product rankings or adds products to the red flag list Amz Snagger can still filter accurate results.


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Amz Snagger Features

Put the power of Amazon  Drop shipping in your owns hands and remove the fake E-com gurus from the internet!

  • Filter the entire Amazon platform in minutes for the cleanest drop shipping products.

  • Instantly matches Amazon results with online suppliers offering the best profit margins.

  • List products directly to your store from Amz Snagger with 1 click.

  • User friendly interface. Literally anybody can use this tool, it is designed to be as simple as using a cell phone.


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