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Welcome to Sentinel Consultation and Coaching. This has been a long-due request by many of our clients. Join us as we teach you how to earn a new living as an eCommerce expert. Training will include but are not limited to  Amazon Dropshipping, FBA, Ebay, Walmart, Shopify, and Etsy.

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Who is Sentinel?

By definition a Sentinel is someone or something who watches over ,stands by to observe, and collects data which can be used to provide solutions too common occuring issues.

My name is Trey King (owner) and I have been in the eccomerce business since 19 Y/O. It is 15 years later and I have sold many products and generated a lot of profit on many platforms through out my time as a internet entrepreneur. Sentinel Solutions is primarily known for the unique B2B services we provide for third party sellers at I promise that we are not overhyping ourselves, because for 10 years we have and still continue to provide service and consultation to thousands of Eccomerce sellers. This being said ,the ammount of data we have can not be compared to any other Ecom consultation programs found online. We are not fake gurus!

Sentinel owns over 100 personal stores between Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy. Not to mention the other 100 stores we run for our clients through For many years our company has worked behind the scene with the larger sellers who wanted us to stay exclusive to their business needs. Our services gave these third-party store owners unfair advantages to grow their businesses faster and stronger than the average sellers. Sentinel Solutions refuses to withhold that kind of power from the average seller trying to come up any longer.

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Gurus vs Sentinels

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​What's the Difference?
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What is a E-commerce Guru?

E-com gurus are no more then Marketers and Entertainers. Most of them are paid faces for their Instagram and YouTube following.

They are never as big as a expert in the field they are attempting to sell you as they claim to be. They simply learn just enough about the subject to make it sound like they know their stuff, while the real team who pays them is running it in the background. A good example would be Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials. She is a paid actor that represents the company ,however if you were to ask the actor in-person more complex questions about car insurance they would most likely just brush the question. This is no different in E-com and Amazon drop shipping and all the fake Gurus you see running Ads daily.

Fake gurus utilize more flashy marketing tactics like Exotic cars and fancy homes to add fluff and justify their over priced mediocre courses. They are usually going for the more impressionable kind of person. Most of those material things are rented or funded by the ghost company paying for their face. They are influencers ,not experts. 

Who cares Sentinel ,are they not still making money ?

Of course their getting rich. Just not off of what they are trying to sell you . A guru makes more money from you following them than they make off Amazon drop shipping. Therefor a Guru will never give you enough information to the point you don't need them again. Just enough for you to do ok but always need to follow them. So that Lamborghini and mansion you see them  flashing on Instagram will never be obtainable to you under the guidance of those programs. 

What is a E-commerce Sentinel?

E-com Sentinels are real entrepreneurs, we take time to master the craft that we plan to profit from. We play the long game so that 10 years from now you are still profiting from the business you started today. Its about creating substance for your businesses so that even your kids and family members can one day take over.


Gurus are only in it for the fast money. Many Gurus jump ship the moment their program becomes unprofitable or too hard and move onto something else with their followers.

A E-com Sentinel sticks with their businesses through thick and thin. The more experience you gain the easier it gets to run your company. Which also means you will last longer and generate more profit.


E-com Sentinels set up multiple channels of income so that when one business isn't doing the same numbers this quarter, you have other streams keeping you going. 

E-com Sentinels love having fun, Traveling and owning nice things just as much as the next person. However we are not impressionable by shinny things or naïve enough to believe that its an Instagram model who will get us there. If you see a Sentinel showing off a car ,home or vacation it is because we fully own it and worked for it. Not because a sponsor paid for it or rented it for photoshoots.

Having a Sentinel coach means we will actually teach you to the point you don't need our guidance and you can really afford luxury things on your own power. 


Why Choose Us

There are many reasons you will want to learn Ecommerce from a Sentinel, Here are just a few!

Superior Experience

Auction Sentinel has been in the E-com services business for 14 years. We have worked with thousands of new inspiring entrepreneurs over the years and have a very in-depth understanding of what it takes to help new businesses see immediate growth.


Best Results

The Sentinel team has been selling  on Amazon and many other platforms for a very long time. We started dropshipping and FBA selling years before it became a subject for YouTube gurus. With all of the clients that we have aided over the years we've been able to see inside operations of many major sellers online. We've incorporated many of these strategies into our private stores. We have generated hundreds of thousands of $$$ in Amazon dropshipping not only for ourselves but our clients as well at

Accessible Team 

Auction Sentinel operates a lot of services for many online sellers. We are always here one way or another to assist. You do not want a Guru/Coach that you can never reach out too especially in a business where certain situations may need a time sensitive response. Awesome customer service is half of our success!

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We have all of the Hacks! Has been #1 for years in the area of third party seller work arounds. We are the number 1 provider on the internet of Amazon and Ebay stealth accounts. Auction Sentinel is the only company in the world who controls the Amazon feedback system which effects your performance score. We are also #1 on google for Amazon suspension and appeals. Why wouldn't you want to work with the team has a solid reputation for providing solutions to everything your going to eventually go up against in E-com and Amazon dropshipping.

Our Program

Our over all goal is to help the new generational wave of E-com sellers become successful in a business world that has been dominated by the same group of people for over 20 years. This is why for now we are not making overly complex consulting packages. We are a no fluff system ,our coaching will help you secure the bag as fast as possible. The more serious you take this the more you will get out of it.


Our main focus is primarily Amazon Drop shipping. The Sentinel team has success on many different selling platforms while using many different sales tactics, however we feel Amazon is the best place for new comers to gain experience and make a lot of $$money$$ as you learn. 

Price: $2000

Get 40% Commission with Every Sale You Make as an Affiliate For Our Amazon Dropshipping Coaching Course 

How does this work?

Email our team a detailed description of the issue your dealing with first to We will respond to let you know if this is a issue that can be covered under this service. If it is not something we can give a solid answer then we wont charge you. If it is a issue that fits into another service we provide we will let you know. If it is a situation that fits into this service then we will invoice you and have you book a call. This service is only for general issues that come up on Amazon and eBay for which you may need a quick solution from someone experienced. This is not for the more extreme issues such suspensions or money holds. For those issues please visit

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