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"Do not purchase a Amazon Appeal from any one for $1000 or more. More money does not mean more quality. You're trying to get reinstated Not ripped off!"

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Why are our prices cheaper than everyone online?

It shouldn't cost you a arm and a leg for Amazon appeal plans .We believe its ridiculous that some services are charging 1k plus for something they write in only 20 minutes ,most cases your just receiving a revised template that they used on another client. We actually take our time to fully understand your situation and write you a appeal that would be most effective for your particular account suspension. No two suspensions are exactly the same. Success rate of your amazon appeals is determined by the details. Auction Sentinel has a very keen eye for details.


Common Lies/Lines you should watch out for when searching for an Amazon Appeal Service

Services claiming to have once worked for or know members of Amazon Seller Performance/Support. Appeal companies who make this this claim are lying right to your face. Nobody has direct communication to seller performance, even many departments directly in the amazon company do not have direct contact with the performance team. So how would a random appeal company online? Do not fall this line.

Hiring Lawyers for Amazon Appeals


  We understand the reason you may believe a lawyer would be more efficient in appeal writing. Perhaps for legal related issues, however this is a misconception when writing Amazon Appeals. Let us just put it out there, there is no such thing as a Amazon appeal lawyer. Amazon Appeals is not something taught in any law school. Most Amazon appeal websites only mention being attorneys to justify their ridiculously high prices. You learn how to appeal amazon suspensions through experience. There is no edge you will gain at all by hiring a lawyer for this. In most amazon suspension cases hiring lawyers have the opposite effect on your appeal success .Nothing annoys Amazon Seller performance more than attempting to bully them with emails of legal mumbo jumbo. Doing this will not get your account back or your money released any faster. Jeff Bezos legal team is most certainly not afraid of yours. Save your lawyers for cases you have to go to Arbitration ,hire actual experts for Amazon Appeals.

With 15 years of experience in the Amazon + Ebay business ,Auction Sentinel has done over 5000 successful appeals. Every plan of action that we write is unique to your suspension case. Unlike most Amazon Appeal companies, we are not selling you a pre written template that never work. We literally break down and analyze our appeals case by case. Sentinel will fight for your account until the end with unlimited revisions at no extra cost. Please take a quick look at our website ,it stands out that we offer many unique services other than just appeals. We are not one trick ponies ,Sentinel is the jack of all trades when it comes to anything ecommerce related. Top companies of both Amazon and ebay platform have utilized Auction Sentinels services from behind the scenes for 15 years. We support the Seller accounts of the largest businesses these platforms have to offer. We have experience  you can not get from other appeal services. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is your Appeal Success Rate?

We have done over 5000 successful appeals. Our Amazon specialist are some of the most experienced people you will ever meet in this feild with 15 plus years as Top rated sellers.When it comes to suspensions and Resinatements we have helped thousands of Sellers overcome and sucessfully sell again. Every amazon suspension is unique and deserves Individual attention.We do not sell templates like many other sites do.Do not fall for the trick of buyings a $800 template. We will access your specific suspension issues thoroughly and write you an original appeal!

How Long does it take to deliver the Appeals?

The delivery time of appeals are all based off package which you order.Please refer to the different packages to learn more about delivery times.

How do I speak to a agent regarding my suspension?

Inorder to consult with Auction Sentinel regarding your suspension you can simply reach out to us through live chat Monday-fri 11 pm to 8 pm est.
Or to schedule a phone session please use our contact form to send details of the suspension and the best contact to reach you at.

Will you offer multiple appeal attempts?

Yes .We will revise your appeal as many times necessary until we reach the final result .We do this at no addtiona cost.

What happens if you can not resinatate our account?

Although we do not like to entertain that negetivity,there is no such thing as 100 percent sucess rates.Sometimes amazon just chooses to not allow certain accounts to come back no matter how great the appeal was.Do not worry ,it is not the end of all hope. Auction Sentinel does sell fully verifed Amazon seller accounts ,which can be traded as a replacement in the case the appeal doesnt work.All you would need to do is just pay the difference from what the appeal cost ,and we can have you setup again under a new account.Either way you get to sell again! AuctionSentinel