Meet The Team

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Trey King

My name is Trey King, and I am the owner of Auction Sentinel. I have been in the business of eCommerce for about 14 years. I do not care for being flashy and extra like some "Gurus" you find online. I'm an average person just like you; I just happen to have excessive knowledge of eCommerce subjects. I started when I was in my late teens; at the time, eBay was more profitable than Amazon. Of course, we know things have changed since those days.

The reason I began the services on is that I ran into the same issues you're dealing with now as a seller years ago. Account suspensions, failing to receive buyer feedback, and failed appeals. 

When I began these coaching programs many years ago, there were no fake amazon/Walmart gurus, no e-com YouTubers, no 50+ amazon appeal websites, or programs online for Automation. The people now call themselves creators of Automation or whatever they would like to believe did not exist back then. Most of them were doing their pyramid schemes while Sentinel was trying to master real e-commerce. Back then, if you wanted to be successful on any of these third-party seller platforms, you had to figure out everything yourself; there was no third-party help online like there is now. 


As we advance, you will learn more about me, the owner, including the fantastic team I work with as I begin my youtube channels, weekly webinars, and occasional seminars. We will post the links on this website as we start developing that kind of content. We realize that we are now in an era where visitors appreciate seeing the genius face behind the program. We don't want clients missing out on reliable services that could help change whatever issues you're dealing with as a seller. AuctionSentinel