ETSY Stealth Account Setup Service

"Were you suspended from Etsy? We are here to help you create new accounts the legal way! "
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How to Purchase an Etsy Seller account setup service?

Just message us! We are on Live chat Mon to Fri 11 am -8 pm Eastern time everyday. We are not bots ,we are real people located out of Boston Ma, USA. If you would like to buy Etsy seller account packages or have questions regarding the purchase then we will gladly respond back in real time.

What payment methods?

Western Union

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Why buy an Etsy seller account from Auction Sentinel?

Auction Sentinel has been a staple for third party sellers going on 15 years. We help with things such as account creation ,appeals, feedback ,product sourcing and general coaching. We own top rated software's approved on the google chrome store. Our Etsy account service and quality is no different from every other service we do. We are experts in creating and growing stores on Etsy!  

What makes our Etsy seller accounts different from other  vendors ?

To be straight to the point, we create your Esty stealth accounts legally and other vendors do not! 

Etsy requires government documents to verify all new accounts, just like many other third party seller platforms in recent times. Many other vendors who create  Etsy accounts premade have used fraudulent or stolen information to pass the verification process. It is you who they sell the account too who takes the risk by starting a store from it and adding your bank account. Even if you were to change the details once the account is received it does not change the fact that the account was originally made under someone else's government ID. Them details stay into Etsy system forever. Adding your real details after only makes it easier for the Feds to find you for Identity fraud.

So how does Auction Sentinel create stealth accounts differently?

We allow you the client to choose the information needed to make the account .It does not matter if some of the information you have is already used on a prior account. We have work arounds for that which work flawlessly so Etsy can not link you. We understand that our system may take a few days additional than the instant account suppliers. However ,you will be able to sleep at night knowing your multi million dollar amazon account isn't running on some unknown identity. Sentinel is looking out for those who have concerns on these issues.

Frequently asked questions

Will the accounts be verified?

We guarentee all Etsy Accounts to pass verification under all packages offered or Full Refund.Since our accounts are custom made to the clients detail preferences all accounts pass verification at a much higher rate.

What if my account gets suspended,do I get a refund?

Refunds depend on the cause of suspension,meaning any suspensions that fail for being linked or related to another account we will fully cover through a replacement account or a full refund.However we do not baby sit the day to day activity you perform on your account ,so all suspensions related to personal /poor selling choices, including listing unauthorized items we will not cover you for.When we sell accounts we fully expect clients to take responsibility for learning the marketplace which includes the do's and dont's of their personal selling selections.Auction Sentinel is not responsible for teaching how to run your Esty business.

Do I have to register a Brand New Company for the Tax interveiw?

No you do not.Auction Sentinel has a work around to the Tax Interview in which we verify it without giving amazon any personal tax information.
Please talk to a Livechat Agent for more information.

How many accounts can I have at once?

You can setup as many shops as you want.Even with Etsy verification system at sign up we can still create you back up accounts using your own information.As a part of our service we will teach you how to opperate as many stores as you would like.

How long does it take to recieve my Esty account after puchase?

It will take 3-5 days in most cases from the order date to deliver the fully Verified account.

Will prices change?

Auction Sentinel reserves all legal rights to adjust packages and prices at anytime. You are not guarenteed to get the same prices.Although we do not change packages often,its important you you purchase while the deals are availible.To find up what the most updated prices please always check the website.

Who provides the Identity documents?

You will provide your own Identity documents. We are all for sticking it to Etsy and beating their suspension process, but not at the stake of a felony. If you are online looking for a Pre verified Etsy account at the same price range we offer then youre looking to purchase stolen information.We will not do that for you. There are ways around verification processes to reuse your own information and not be linked to other accounts.You provide us with what we need and we will do the rest. Schedule a call and we will discuss how its done.

How do I recieve payment from Etsy EU?

You will need EU IBAN to operate this account. It can be any virtual bank like N26, Monese, Payoneer, or physical bank. AuctionSentinel