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Where do we start? The Sentinel Team is a United States based company located on the east coast, we have been servicing Amazon/Ebay sellers for over 15 years. We have a reputation for producing  very creative services which have aided online sellers in various situations ranging from Suspension Appeals, New stores, and Account building . A lot of clients refer to us as their clutch ,usually because when they are in some sought of situation Sentinel helps get them out of it. 

What is the reason for our name "Sentinel"?

This is very common question we get lol. Our team loves to be creative ,using symbolism to describe our services. We want our guest to know we aren't just a bunch of robots with useful business services, we are real people with personality who are Awesome at e-commerce. The name Sentinel was actually given to us by a few of our previous clients with the concept of a guardian or watcher in mind over Ecommerce businesses.


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